Find The Perfect Stones For Your Driveway

We offer an exquisite collection of high-quality stones specifically designed to enhance your driveway's appearance while ensuring its durability. Our wide range offers a multitude of options to suit every style and preference.

The varying colours, textures, and sizes available give you the freedom to customise your driveway, matching its design seamlessly with your home's architectural style. Whether you're aiming for a rustic, traditional, or modern look, you'll find the perfect material to bring your vision to life in our collection.

All of our stones for driveways are sourced sustainably, promising minimal environmental impact. We've made it a point to offer only the most durable, weather-resistant options that require low maintenance, providing you with a driveway that's not only beautiful, but long-lasting as well.

Shop with us and pave the path to your home with elegance and durability.

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  • Cotswold Chippings 20mm

    Code: CC20HS

    From£16.99 View Product
  • Country Bond – Kensington Gold

    Code: CB-KG

    From£17.99 View Product
  • Country Bond – Wentworth Cream

    Code: CB-WC

    From£17.99 View Product
  • Green Granite Gravel 20mm

    Code: GC20HS

    From£17.99 View Product
  • Country Bond – Osbourne Grey

    Code: CB-OG

    From£17.99 View Product
  • Limestone Gravel 20mm

    Code: WL20HS

    From£18.00 View Product
  • York Cream Gravel 20mm

    Code: YC14HS

    From£18.00 View Product
  • York Grey Gravel 14mm

    Code: YGHS

    From£18.00 View Product
  • Cornish Silver Gravel 14mm

    Code: HS-CS

    From£18.00 View Product
  • Golden Flint Gravel 20mm

    Code: GF20HS

    From£18.00 View Product
  • Pea Gravel 20mm

    Code: PG20HS

    From£18.00 View Product
  • Pearl Grey Gravel 20mm

    Code: PGPHS

    From£18.00 View Product
  • Brown and Cream Gravel 14mm

    Code: BAC14HS

    From£18.99 View Product
  • Country Bond – Highclere Red

    Code: CB-HS

    From£19.99 View Product
  • Strawberry and Cream Gravel 20mm

    Code: SAC20HS

    From£21.00 View Product
  • English Rose Gravel 20-30mm

    Code: HS-ER

    From£21.00 View Product

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of driveway stones do you offer?

We provide a wide variety of driveway stones, including different colours, sizes, and textures. Whether you’re looking for traditional gravel or elegant pebbles, each type is chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

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How do I choose the right stone for my driveway?

Consider your driveway’s usage, the style of your property, and your maintenance preferences. Larger stones are more durable and stable, while smaller ones offer a smoother surface.

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How much stone will I need for my driveway?

Measure your driveway’s area and decide on the depth of stone required. Use our online gravel calculator to estimate the amount you’ll need.

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Can these stones be used for other landscaping projects?

Yes, our driveway stones are versatile and suitable for paths, garden beds, and as decorative elements in your garden.

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How do I prepare my driveway for stone installation?

Clear the area of debris, level the ground, and lay a weed barrier. A base layer of larger stones can also provide additional stability.

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How do I maintain my stone driveway?

Regularly clear debris, top up stones as necessary, and consider occasional raking to maintain an even surface.

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