Decorative Slate Chippings & Paddlestones - 20 to 40mm

For something a little different, some great options are slate chippings or paddle stones.

They can be used in multiple ways, including building out your rock gardens, amongst alpines, for bordering paths or flower beds, and even as a topper for your plant pots. Gardenhub has a number of Welsh and Cumbrian slate chippings in either 20 or 40mm sizes, which all fit simply into both modern and classic gardens with minimal effort. For those with water features, slates can be very impressive additions, with the shape helping create definition to the surrounding areas with their changing colours and textures when either dry or wet.

As slates are by-products of the roofing industry, they perform excellently under high exposure to water, which brings out extra colours. Due to these characteristics, they can be used in multiple areas of the garden, either in dryer spots, or exposed to the elements, and can even be used in ponds as they are fish-friendly.

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