Rockery Stones For Gardens & Landscaping

For adding that finishing touch to your gardens, yards, and outside areas, these larger rockery stones are perfect for adding depth to your design.

All types of rockery are available, including slate, quartz, limestone, york stone, and boulders which can be utilised in a number of ways, depending on your design requirements and space needed. Sizes of products vary, with diameters ranging from 200-300mm and weighing up to 10kg, so it's worth measuring your garden and finding out what suits your space.

Slate stones are perfect for ponds and water features, and rockeries, whilst the limestone pieces are more suited as stand-alone features in gardens or gravelled areas. The limits are endless for these larger stone products, for instance, they could be used as inspiration for a flower bed or alpine area, and they can even be used to form larger borders.

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  • Cotswold Rockery – 10 pieces

    Code: CR80

    £99.99 View Product
  • Rustic Slate Rockery – 10 pieces

    Code: RSR80

    £99.99 View Product
  • Limestone Rockery – 10 pieces

    Code: WLR80

    £99.99 View Product
  • Yorkstone Rockery – 10 pieces

    Code: YSR80

    £99.99 View Product
  • Blue Slate Rockery – 10 pieces

    Code: BSR80

    £119.99 View Product
  • Green Forest Rockery – 10 pieces

    Code: GFR80

    £119.99 View Product
  • Green Slate Rockery – 10 pieces

    Code: GSR80

    £119.99 View Product
  • Plum Slate Rockery – 10 pieces

    Code: PSR80

    £119.99 View Product

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