Stay Warm & Safe With Our Winter Range

Beat the winter chill with our exclusive winter product range. Whether you need to keep your home warm and safe with our range of house coal, logs, and rock salt, or want to make the most of the snow with our sledges and snow shovels, we've got you covered.

Our selection of rock salt and grit bins ensures that you can keep your driveway and sidewalks clear of ice and snow, while our sledges and snow shovels provide hours of outdoor fun for kids and adults alike. Don't let the cold weather slow you down, shop now for our full range of winter essentials.

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  • Snow Scoop Shovel- Red

    Code: RED-SS

    £13.99 View Product
  • Dry Kindling

    Code: DK

    £14.99 View Product
  • Kindling Sticks 2 Boxes


    £15.99 View Product
  • Super Alpine Racer – Blue

    Code: AR-BLUE

    £16.99 View Product
  • Super Alpine Racer – Pink

    Code: AR-PINK

    £16.99 View Product
  • Alpine Racer Sledge – Red

    Code: AR-RED

    £16.99 View Product
  • Traditional Softwood Logs

    Code: SL

    From£16.99 View Product
  • Brown Rock Salt

    Code: WS

    From£17.99 View Product
  • Hardwood Logs

    Code: SHL

    From£19.99 View Product
  • White Rock Salt

    Code: PWRS

    From£20.99 View Product
  • Eco Wood Logs 2 Pack


    £20.99 View Product
  • 24 x Quickfire Firelighters

    Code: FL

    £24.99 View Product
  • Smokeless Coal 20kg

    Code: HWSB20

    From£24.99 View Product
  • Fire Starter Pack


    £24.99 View Product
  • Dry Kindling Bundle

    Code: DK-1

    £27.99 View Product
  • Fireglow FireLogs – Instant Smokeless Fire Logs (Box of 15)

    Code: SFL

    £28.99 View Product
  • Log Bundle


    £49.99 View Product
  • Softwood Log Bundle

    Code: SWB

    £229.99 View Product
  • Smokeless Briquette Bundle

    Code: SBB

    £299.99 View Product

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