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Our beautifully crafted birdhouses are the perfect addition to any backyard. Made from high-quality materials, these sturdy houses will provide a safe and cosy home for your feathered friends.

The charming designs and intricate details of our birdhouses make them a delightful addition to any outdoor space. Whether you're an avid bird watcher or just looking to add some charm to your garden, our birdhouses are sure to impress. Shop now and give your feathered friends the perfect home they deserve.

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  • Saltbox Plum

    Code: HB-9075P6S

    £13.99 View Product
  • Bayside Beach Hut – Turquoise

    Code: HBD-2003

    £14.99 View Product
  • Underground Birdhouse

    Code: HBD-2017UG

    £14.99 View Product
  • Salt Box Peony

    Code: HB-9075PPCS

    £14.99 View Product
  • Saltbox Olive

    Code: HB-9075P5S

    £14.99 View Product
  • Bayside Beach Hut – White

    Code: HBD-2002

    £14.99 View Product
  • Bayside Beach Hut – Red

    Code: HBD-2001

    £14.99 View Product
  • Nestling Cottage Birdhouse

    Code: HB-7041Y

    £15.99 View Product
  • Main Street Bird House

    Code: HB-6003

    £16.99 View Product
  • Saltbox Poppy

    Code: HBD-9075P1

    £17.99 View Product
  • The Little Barn Birdhouse -White

    Code: HBC-1002WS

    £17.99 View Product
  • The Little Barn Birdhouse -Red

    Code: HBC-1002RS

    £17.99 View Product
  • The Little School Birdhouse -Red

    Code: HBC-1001RS

    £17.99 View Product
  • The Little School Birdhouse – White

    Code: HBC-1001WS

    £17.99 View Product
  • Garden Shed Birdhouse

    Code: HBD-2017GS

    £17.99 View Product
  • Surf City Beach House

    Code: HB-9059BS

    £18.99 View Product

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your bird houses weather-resistant?

Absolutely. Our bird houses are built to endure the unpredictable British weather, crafted from materials such as sustainably sourced European timber, weatherproofed hardwood, or recycled composites. They’re designed to resist rain, snow, and sun, though we suggest an annual check-up to ensure they remain in tip-top condition.

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How do I install a bird house?

Select a tranquil spot in your garden, ideally with natural cover nearby. Mount the bird house 2 to 4 meters above the ground and secure it tightly to a stable post, tree, or wall. The entrance should ideally face between north and east to avoid strong sunlight and the wettest winds. Ensure there are no branches or leaves obstructing the entrance.

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Can bird houses be left out all year?

Yes, our bird houses are constructed to withstand the UK climate year-round. Nonetheless, it’s a good practice to clean them out after the breeding season in late autumn and inspect them for any necessary repairs to prepare for the next spring.

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How do I attract birds to my new bird house?

To entice birds to your new bird house, install it well before the breeding season begins. Use native plants in your garden to provide natural food sources and nesting materials. Ensure a clean water source is available. Keep the bird house out of reach from cats and other predators, and avoid busy human areas. The entrance hole should match the size preferred by the bird species you wish to attract, such as 25mm for blue tits or 32mm for sparrows.

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