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Welcome to our wildlife accessories collection, where you'll find everything you need to attract and support a wide range of birds and insects in your backyard.

Our collection includes beautiful birdhouses, functional bird feeders, and charming insect hotels, all made from sustainable materials and designed to enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Whether you're an avid bird watcher, an insect enthusiast, or simply looking to add some charm to your garden, you'll find something to love in our wildlife accessories collection.

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  • The Magical Garden Bird Feeder

    Code: HBD-7035P

    £9.99 View Product
  • Printed Fruit Feeder Raspberry

    Code: HB-9078P7S

    £11.99 View Product
  • Circular Hive

    Code: GB-1008

    £11.99 View Product
  • Acorn Hive

    Code: GB-1007

    £11.99 View Product
  • Bamboo Hive

    Code: GB-1009

    £11.99 View Product
  • The Lodge Insect Hotel

    Code: GB-1002

    £12.99 View Product
  • The Boutique Insect Hotel

    Code: GB-1003

    £12.99 View Product
  • Saltbox Plum

    Code: HB-9075P6S

    £13.99 View Product
  • Printed Fruit Feeder Plum

    Code: HB-9078P6S

    £13.99 View Product
  • The Butterfly Insect Hotel

    Code: GB-1006

    £13.99 View Product
  • Bayside Beach Hut – White

    Code: HBD-2002

    £14.99 View Product
  • Bayside Beach Hut – Turquoise

    Code: HBD-2003

    £14.99 View Product
  • Salt Box Peony

    Code: HB-9075PPCS

    £14.99 View Product
  • Poppy Bird Feeder

    Code: HBD-9079P1

    £14.99 View Product
  • Welcome Home Feeder

    Code: HB-6005

    £14.99 View Product
  • Four Seasons Insect Hotel – Green

    Code: GB-1004G

    £14.99 View Product
  • Saltbox Olive

    Code: HB-9075P5S

    £14.99 View Product
  • Butterfly Bird Feeder

    Code: HB-6008

    £14.99 View Product
  • Bayside Beach Hut – Red

    Code: HBD-2001

    £14.99 View Product
  • Underground Birdhouse

    Code: HBD-2017UG

    £14.99 View Product
  • Paint Your Own Wooden Birdhouse Inc Paints & Brush

    Code: HB-9075DYO

    £14.99 View Product
  • Nestling Bird Feeder – Blue

    Code: HB-7035B

    £14.99 View Product
  • Nestling Bird Feeder – Green

    Code: HB-7035G

    £14.99 View Product
  • Nestling Cottage Birdhouse

    Code: HB-7041Y

    £15.99 View Product
  • Little Wren Feeder-White

    Code: HB-2082WS

    £16.99 View Product
  • Main Street Bird House

    Code: HB-6003

    £16.99 View Product
  • Saltbox Poppy

    Code: HBD-9075P1

    £17.99 View Product
  • Garden Shed Birdhouse

    Code: HBD-2017GS

    £17.99 View Product
  • The Little Barn Birdhouse -White

    Code: HBC-1002WS

    £17.99 View Product
  • The Little Barn Birdhouse -Red

    Code: HBC-1002RS

    £17.99 View Product
  • The Little School Birdhouse -Red

    Code: HBC-1001RS

    £17.99 View Product
  • The Little School Birdhouse – White

    Code: HBC-1001WS

    £17.99 View Product
  • Surf City Beach House

    Code: HB-9059BS

    £18.99 View Product
  • Wine Bottle Feeder

    Code: HBD-2017WB

    £19.99 View Product
  • The Little Manor – Green

    Code: HB-7043B-1

    £19.99 View Product
  • Post Box Feeder

    Code: HBD-1005

    £19.99 View Product
  • Lilac Cottage

    Code: HBB-1009

    £19.99 View Product
  • Sale

    The Windermere

    Code: KSHB-004

    £22.99 View Product
  • 10 Downing Street Feeder

    Code: HBD-2017DS

    £22.99 View Product
  • Backyard Bird Cottage Yellow

    Code: HB-9045YS

    £24.99 View Product
  • Set of 3 Rustic Honeycomb Hives


    £29.99 View Product
  • The Wrension – Large

    Code: HB-2011

    £59.00 View Product

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