Decorative Cobble Stones For Garden & Driveways

When looking to transform an outdoor space, consistently performing aggregates include cobbles due to their wide variety of sizes, colours and shapes – which is perfect for someone looking to create a vibrant design in their garden.

Slightly larger than gravel – ranging from 50mm to 150mm – cobblestones can not only help you quickly create a new look for your outside spaces, but in practical terms, they are very useful. For example, they can restore water in the soil that might have been over-exposed to the sun, and in addition to this, cobble stones will prevent erosion of soil and preserve the roots of your flowers and plants.

Select from our range of decorative cobbles to create brilliant white or jet black contrasts against your flower beds, use our multicoloured range of cobbles to add some colour to your lawns, paths, and decking, or simply fill empty spaces with new textures to add that extra charm to your backyard

Garden Hub stocks a wide range of cobble stones with many different sizes and colours available. So, take a look and find the perfect pebbles for your garden today.

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