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Our insect hotels are a unique and eco-friendly way to provide shelter for a wide variety of beneficial insects.

Made from sustainable materials, these charming hotels are both functional and decorative. The intricate designs and natural materials used in our insect hotels make them a beautiful addition to any garden. By providing a safe and welcoming environment for insects, you can help support the overall health and diversity of your local ecosystem. Shop now and give back to nature with one of our charming insect hotels.

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  • Circular Hive

    Code: GB-1008

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  • Acorn Hive

    Code: GB-1007

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  • Bamboo Hive

    Code: GB-1009

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  • The Lodge Insect Hotel

    Code: GB-1002

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  • The Boutique Insect Hotel

    Code: GB-1003

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  • The Butterfly Insect Hotel

    Code: GB-1006

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  • Four Seasons Insect Hotel – Green

    Code: GB-1004G

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  • Set of 3 Rustic Honeycomb Hives


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose the Right Insect Hotel for My Garden?

The choice of an insect hotel depends on the types of insects you wish to attract and the size of your garden. Larger hotels with diverse compartments attract a wider range of species. Consider the materials used in the hotel’s construction; natural, untreated wood and bamboo are popular choices. Also, think about the placement – a sunny, sheltered spot away from harsh weather is ideal.

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How and Where Should I Install an Insect Hotel?

Insect hotels should be placed in a quiet, sheltered part of your garden where they won’t be disturbed. Ideally, position them at a height of up to two meters, facing south or southeast to ensure enough sunlight. Avoid areas prone to strong winds or heavy rain. Ensure that the hotel is securely mounted to prevent it from toppling over.

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What Types of Insects Will an Insect Hotel Attract and Why Are They Beneficial?

Insect hotels primarily attract solitary bees, ladybirds, lacewings, and sometimes butterflies. Solitary bees are excellent pollinators, ladybirds and lacewings help control aphids, and butterflies add beauty to your garden while aiding in pollination. These insects play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy garden ecosystem.

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How Do I Maintain an Insect Hotel?

Maintenance is minimal. It’s important to check occasionally for any signs of dampness or mould, and clear out any blocked tubes or compartments. Avoid using pesticides near your insect hotel, as these can harm the beneficial insects. Over time, some natural wear is expected, which can actually make the hotel more appealing to some species.

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Are Insect Hotels Environmentally Friendly?

Insect hotels are an eco-friendly addition to any garden. They are usually made from sustainable, natural materials and contribute positively to the local ecosystem by supporting beneficial insect populations.

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