Decorative Gravel & Chippings For Gardens | 6 to 40 mm

Gravel is one of the most popular aggregates because of its versatility and simplicity.

When selecting the right gravel for your garden, there are a number of factors to consider, including size, shape and colour. Gardenhub has a wide selection of gravel types, ranging from 6-20mm, and coming in various colours and styles; such as standard gravel, chippings, pebbles, and grit. However, with so many varieties of gravel – each with a different purpose – it's important you weigh up your options.

If you're looking to create a path or driveway, then it's essential to select a more consistent, angular gravel in a medium-size which doesn't displace easily. It is particularly advisable that these gravels are bigger than 14mm for driveways so they do not get stuck in tyre treads. whereas when edging a garden or pond you should select pre-washed stones or avoid those with high lime content to avoid affecting the natural pH of water.

For more practical uses such as drainage and weed control, you can use many types and styles of decorative gravel, but always make sure you lay a landscaping membrane down to help the process and suppress weeds effectively.

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  • Champagne Gold Gravel 14mm

    Code: CG14HS

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  • Cheshire Pink Gravel 14mm

    Code: CP14HS

    From£19.99 View Product
  • White Spar Gravel 10-14mm

    Code: WS10HS

    From£21.00 View Product
  • Moonstone Gravel 20mm

    Code: MSHS

    From£21.00 View Product
  • Oyster Pearl Gravel 20mm

    Code: OP20HS

    From£21.00 View Product
  • English Rose Gravel 20-30mm

    Code: HS-ER

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  • Highland Marble Gravel 14mm

    Code: HS-HM

    From£21.00 View Product
  • Red Flame Gravel 14mm

    Code: RF14HS

    From£21.00 View Product
  • Strawberry and Cream Gravel 20mm

    Code: SAC20HS

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  • Charcoal Chippings 14mm

    Code: BC14HS

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  • Tudor Marble Gravel 14mm

    Code: HS-TM

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  • Signature Range- Rose Granite Chippings

    Code: HS-RGC

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  • Signature Range- Nordic Sky

    Code: HS-NS200

    From£269.00 View Product
  • Signature Range- Luna White

    Code: HS-LW20

    From£269.00 View Product
  • Signature Range- Mountain Mist

    Code: HS-MM20

    From£269.00 View Product

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the decorative gravel products tumbled or have sharp edges?

All our Gravel has sharp edges, giving them natural appeal

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Do your decorative gravel products fade in colour over time?

As they are a natural product, our gravel does fade over time.

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Are your decorative gravel products safe for pet or play areas?

Yes, our gravel can be a suitable option for pet and play areas when certain considerations are taken into account. Here’s why our gravel can be safe for such areas:

  1. Drainage: Gravel allows for effective drainage, which helps prevent puddles and standing water. This is particularly important in pet and play areas as it reduces the risk of muddy conditions and promotes a drier surface for pets and children to play on.
  2. Impact Absorption: Gravel has some impact absorption properties, making it a relatively softer surface compared to concrete or asphalt. It can help cushion falls and reduce the risk of injuries during play.
  3. Non-Toxic: High-quality gravel is typically non-toxic and safe for pets and children. However, it’s important to ensure that the gravel you choose doesn’t contain harmful substances or contaminants. opt for gravel specifically intended for pet and play areas and verify with the supplier that it meets safety standards.
  4. Size Selection: Choosing the right gravel size is crucial for safety. Smaller, rounded gravel pieces are generally preferred for pet and play areas to minimise the risk of choking hazards and provide a comfortable surface for pets and children to walk and play on.
  5. Maintenance: Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the ongoing safety of gravel areas. Regularly inspect the surface for any debris, sharp objects, or potentially hazardous materials that may have accumulated. Rake the gravel as needed to maintain an even surface.
  6. Border and Edging: Install appropriate borders or edging around the gravel area to contain the gravel and prevent it from spreading into unwanted areas. This helps maintain a clean and safe play area.


It’s important to note that while gravel can be safe, it may not be suitable for all pets or play activities. For example, some dogs may tend to chew on or swallow small stones, which can pose a health risk. Additionally, gravel may not provide sufficient cushioning for high-impact activities or sports.

Consider the specific needs of your pet or the type of play activities that will take place in the area when deciding if gravel is the best option. Consulting with professionals or pet experts can provide additional guidance tailored to your specific situation.

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Are your decorative gravel products treated to resist algae and mould growth?

No, our products are all-natural and untreated.

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What type of projects are your gravel products suitable for?

Gravel products are versatile and can be used in a wide range of projects due to their durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Here are some common projects where gravel products are suitable:

  1. Driveways and Pathways: Gravel is a popular choice for driveways and pathways due to its ability to provide excellent drainage and a natural look. It can be used as a base layer or as the main surfacing material, offering stability and easy maintenance.
  2. Landscaping and Gardens: Gravel can be used in landscaping projects to create visually appealing features. It can be used for garden borders, flower bed edging, rock gardens, or to enhance the appearance of outdoor spaces. Different colours and sizes of gravel can be chosen to match the desired aesthetic.
  3. Patio Areas: Gravel is often used as a surface material for patio areas. It can provide a rustic and relaxed ambience while allowing for good drainage. Gravel can be combined with other materials like pavers or flagstones to create unique designs.
  4. Retaining Walls and Erosion Control: Gravel can be utilised in retaining walls and erosion control projects. It helps stabilise soil, prevents erosion, and allows for water drainage. Gravel-filled bags or geotextile membranes with gravel can be used in these applications.
  5. Water Features: Gravel is commonly used in water features such as ponds, fountains, or water gardens. It can be used to line the bottom, create natural-looking streambeds, or cover filtration systems. The smooth texture and natural appearance of gravel enhance the aesthetics of water features.
  6. Playground and exercise Areas: Gravel can be used in playgrounds and exercise areas as a safety surface material. It offers impact absorption, helps prevent injuries from falls, and allows for water drainage. In such applications, gravel with specific size and characteristics designed for playgrounds is typically used.
  7. Construction and Infrastructure: Gravel is widely used in construction projects, including road construction, foundations, and drainage systems. It provides stability, load-bearing capacity, and effective drainage in various construction applications.

These are just a few examples of the projects where gravel products are commonly used. Gravel’s versatility, affordability, and functional properties make it suitable for both residential and commercial applications. The specific type, size, and quality of gravel needed may vary depending on the project requirements, so it’s essential to consult with professionals or suppliers to ensure you choose the right gravel product for your specific project.

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