Decorative Aggregates

Garden design and maintenance has become a minefield of commodities that may be daunting to the beginner. However, there are certain essential products that are irreplaceable tools for creating a picturesque and maintainable garden. One of these must-haves for any budding garden designer is the decorative aggregate.

An outstanding garden design always utilises contrast and harmony in equal measure. This serves to highlight the plants and flowers in surroundings that complement them and feature their colours to their best effect. The context of any garden-feature is as important as the feature itself, as without the right surroundings the feature can be lost or even look out of place. Decorative aggregates prove to be a unique tool in this regard. Their coarse nature provides a counterpoint to lawn and soiled areas but maintains a natural-looking aspect to the plot.

This aggregate is supplied in the form of pebbles, gravel, grit, slate chippings and shingle. It comes in various sizes, colours and shapes to match your particular garden's needs. Often used for border decoration, these aggregates can also be used for paths, patios and driveways.

As well as being amazing for border decoration, decorative aggregates are also very effective for weed control and as maintenance-free rockeries. Designed for brisk and efficient drainage, they are also very useful for high traffic areas of the garden when used in thicker layers rather than when used as a mulch. Although completely free from wear and tear degradation, a thin layer will spread out to expose the undersoil - whereas a thicker layer will naturally move and find its own level within a high traffic area.

The flexibility and versatility of our decorative aggregates have made them one of our best selling garden products.

GardenHub is a leading UK supplier decorative aggregates, delivering a high-quality product to professional landscapers and domestic users alike. Our large selection of aggregates is provided at exceptional prices without compromising on quality. We can supply in individual bags or bulk purchases can be made for larger projects.

Whether you want to brighten an area or to frame a focal point in your garden, whether you are looking for grit, gravel, limestone, flint or any of the many other aggregates we stock, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are going to get exactly what you need for your garden's requirements.

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