Instant kerb appeal: Creating a gravel driveway

Last Updated: 16th Jul 2019

Choosing the right decorative aggregate, which do the the job for homeowners is a tricky “landscape” to navigate. To satisfy a variety of requirements, colours and textures that deliver on both style and functionality is exactly what we do at Garden Hub.

Latest research has stated that there are more than 38 million vehicles on the UK roads. 80% of the time these cars are parked at Home. No wonder we are investing time to invest in new driveways. Adding value to our homes and a perfect, safe place for our vehicles. Decorative aggregates is one of the best materials to use for your driveways as it offers an easily achievable new look within a short period of time. Not only that, their are so many different colours to choose from to match surrounding areas of the garden / house. Decorative aggregates also offer a hidden benefit of safety when driven or walked on, known to deter criminals. The “crunching” noise created by driving on is that desired stately manor driveway sound….. also reminiscent of the downton abbey driveway. We recommend using an angled gravel / decorative aggregate so that the aggregate is less susceptible to rolling away  

How to install a gravel driveway

  1. Plan your area you want gravel – Watch out for any drainage issues or areas that could pool if water doesn’t run off correctly
  2. Do you need a border – timber sleepers, paving edgings
  3. Mark out and measure your area – Use the Garden Hub Calculator to decide how much you require
  4. Pick your ideal gravel – we recommend angular gravel larger than 14mm-30mm so that it doesn’t get stuck into tyre treads
  5. Tools you’ll need – Shovel, metal rigid rake, gloves, wheelbarrow and possibly rent a compactor
  6. Dig out to 10-15cm
  7. Compact with a wacker
  8. Put weed / ground control fabric down
  9. Arrange for gravel to be delivered, stagger delivery of multiple bags if necessary
  10. Get some help, shovel out and rake to level
  11. You can use the compactor again to bed the gravel in once level 

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