Winter is Coming

Preparing for a British winter

Even though it took forever for winter to arrive in Game of Thrones, it’s not far from our reach back here in reality. British winters can be unforgiving and harsh on our homes. That’s why it’s important to take advantage prior to it setting in to get your home, garden and family ready for snow, ice and harsh, cold temperatures.

If you’re unsure whether you’re prepared for the snow, ice and falling temperatures here are some key points to prepare now, and throughout the winter season.

Before the Winter

Transport any delicate Shrubs, plants and young trees that may get danaged from snow piling up or from excess salt spreading.

Clear out gutters and drains of leaves

Trim low lying and over hanging trees to elimate any damage if snow is piled on top of them.

Ensure paths and drives or walkways are clear of tools and other trip hazards once concealed with snow.

Ensure you have stock of rock salt, snow scoop shovels and storage if requires. Why not have a sledge ready for the kids or its also a great way to transport shopping when cars are unable to get around.

When it Snows

Keep on top of the snow by so you’re not clearing loads in one go. When clearing try not to pile on top of shrubs or young unestablished trees.

Ensure your rock salt and snow scoop shovel are nearby and readily available. Locating a grit bin in a sensible place is also advisable.

Salt on walk ways prior to expected snowfall, especially overnight to give you a good start in the morning.

Keep your home, garden, and yourself on top of the winter snow by preparing well in advance, keeping your exterior ready with all of the necessary snow maintenance tools available. When you’re prepared to take on the winter, it can be much easier to endure once it finally arrives.

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