What are the benefits of using Solid fuels?

Last Updated: 20th Nov 2019

When the nights start to draw in and the temperatures drop, those cold winter nights, there is nothing better than putting your feet up, warm drink in hand in front of a charming real fire with an attractive flame and glowing embers which can be truly hypnotic.

However, despite its alluring aesthetic appeal, there are so many more benefits to burning solid fuel in your home:

Value for money – solid fuels, such as our Traditional House Coal, Smokeless Briquettes and Kiln-dried logs are an extremely efficient and economical method of heating your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Health Benefits – As well reducing the risk of asthma, eczema and hay fever, as shown in medical research, burning solid fuels can significantly decrease condensation and subsequently household mould linked with ‘on/off’ fires.  

Solid fuel for you: From smokeless Briquettes and Traditional house coal to easy light fire logs and eco fire logs, whether it’s an attractive flame, long-lasting or instant speed, there’s a solid fuel to suit your needs and requirements.

Reliable Guaranteed heat: With solid fuels heating you know you can rely on it, never mind power cuts and boiler failure in adverse weather conditions. Hold stock and light when you’re ready. ensuring that your home will be cosy warm even in the unfavourable weather conditions

More handy tips and tricks with solid fuel

  • We recommend that you always burn the best quality fuel you can afford. The heat content will be greater and with less ash.
  • It’s very important to have your chimney swept on a regular basis. At the very least once a year. When burning wood and or bituminous coal.

Ensure you use a competent person, e.g. a HETAS registered installer when you have a solid fuel appliance fitted.

  • With the above in mind, always have appliances serviced annually by a qualified engineer and maintained regularly in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.

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