We’re getting set for winter, are you?

Now that we’re well into Autumn, here at Garden Hub, we’re already busy putting winter products on stock. Winter is a busy time of the year, and at times it can be challenging keeping up with demand, especially when severe weather hits. However, already our yard and indoor storage is a sea of coal, rock salt and logs ready to go. A lot of our regular customers are also getting prepared and have placed their winter orders already. Everyone loves a white Christmas, but for customers who are caught unprepared, the snow and ice can wreak havoc on day to day life

We have 6 different types of solid fuels to keep you warm over the winter months and 2 different types of rock salt to ensure your paths, patios and driveways are clear for when it snows or becomes icy with plummeting temperatures. We also have a variety of colours available of sledges to enjoy and make the most of the white stuff.

Rock Salt, grit bins and snow shovels are arguably a vital tool for commercial businesses, residential and rural areas as the chilly weather starts to set in – gritting your premises properly prevents the formation of dangerous black ice, which has been responsible for many a painful fall (and will be responsible for many more).

We provide brown rock salt and a white de-icing. White De-icing salt is great for melting ice and snow. It also prevents ice from forming on paths, patios, driveways, roads and car parks, especially when applied before a freeze or snowfall.

Our premium white salt is a cleaner alternative to brown rock salt, leaving a small residue if any after use. It is therefore typically used outside the front of houses, shops and offices.

Garden Hubs brown rock salt also is known as grit salt is mined here in the UK from subterranean salt mines, crushed and then graded to create a 0-7mm grain range, which makes the salt ideal to use with spreaders on roads, paths, driveways etc as well as great for hand application. We always recommend that you wear gloves when applying by hand.

Our Brown Rock Salt melts snow and ice fast and prevents surfaces from freezing and becoming a slippery frozen hazard. The elements of grit aid traction on paths.

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