The Ideal Christmas Present for Garden Lovers: Award Winning Birdhouses and Feeders!

Last Updated: 22nd Nov 2019

Our unique bird houses and feeders were described as whimsical and charming by judges at a recent GIMA (Garden Industry Manufacturers Association) Awards as they flew to victory. Their exceptional design and appearance ensure they make the ideal gift and Christmas present for garden and bird enthusiasts. As well as encouraging children to participate in wild birdcare.

The recent additions to the range include a realistic looking miniature garden shed, a London Underground sign for nesting birds to hide behind, a wine bottle feeder that promotes reusing bottles, and a scaled down No. 10 Downing Street for birds to peck on in protest. As well as the ever popular Telephone box feeder and the red lion pub birdhouse there is something for everyone.

The construction of our Birdhouses and attention to detail:

We have found FSC certified wood is the best material for birdhouses as it allows heat to escape during hot summer days but also keeps birds warm in colder weather.

Our houses are made from exterior grade marine plywood, are fully functional and are designed for outdoor use. 

Please note – like all natural materials the birdhouses/feeders will deteriorate in appearance after a year or so, but will continue to operate and function as a birdhouse for many years of weathering. A wood sealant spray can be used (exterior only) to help protect the finish.  All information is on the product hang tags.

Small holes prevent predators gaining access to the nest. Ours are 32mm. Birds that nest in birdhouses are smaller species i.e. wrens, blue tits and nuthatches. 

Our birdhouses also include an opening at the back which gives access for cleaning following the bird’s departure.  This is essential in prevention of the spread of disease. Other features on the birdhouses include:

  • Drainage holes prevent flooding. 
  • Ventilation holes promote good air circulation. 
  • The small cavity in the house makes birds feel safe and secure.
  • The shingle layered roof helps water to fall away.
  • Fixed houses will attract more species of small bird as not all birds will be attracted to houses that swing. 

Bird Maturity Definitions

  • Hatchling – a bird which has just emerged from the egg.
  • Nestling – a bird which is too young to leave the nest.
  • Fledgling – a bird which has acquired its flight feathers

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