Slate Chippings in the Garden: Creative Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Last Updated: 4th Jan 2023

Have you been giving your garden a second glance and thinking ‘it’s time’? It’s time to upgrade the flower beds and the garden path and to add a little bit of excitement. If you are looking for an easy-to-lay, low-maintenance addition to your garden, look no further than slate chippings.

Slate chippings are a versatile and easy way to spruce up your garden, and really take it to the next level. Not only are they a beautiful decorative addition to your garden but they can withstand almost every weather condition, and are extremely durable. 

So, to inspire you, here are eight garden ideas using slate chippings. 

1. Create A Sleek Garden Path

Garden paths are such an easy way to add some flow to your garden. You can have it leading to flower beds and water features, to make them easily accessible. 

Using the angular edges of slate chipping will give you a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing path. The angular edges of the slate chipping lock in together and give your garden path a flat surface that is easy to walk on. 

Moreover, they aren’t difficult to lay and don’t take all that much time. So maybe one warm Saturday morning, take out those slate chippings and start laying a path. 

2. Use Slate Chippings As Mulch

Replacing your current mulch with slate chippings is almost a no-brainer. The distinctive grey that slate chippings normally come in helps to reflect some light in shaded areas of your garden or below vegetation, promoting growth throughout your garden. 

Moreover, it keeps the moisture in the soil, and won’t be blown away by just any gust of wind. Trust us, your garden will thank you for switching to slate chippings. It ultimately protects your soil and feeds your plants. Plus, it comes at a very low cost. So you can have a thriving garden without breaking the bank. 

3. Border Different Parts Of Your Garden

When planning your garden, why not hop onto the most recent garden trend: Garden borders?

Whether it’s because you have a busy life and need a low-maintenance garden, or you like the structural design – you cannot go wrong with borders in your garden. Slate chippings are a great way to add this design element without taking away from the actual vegetation in your garden. 

Although poles and other fencing are nice, slate chippings allow you to enjoy the full capacity of your garden while still creating that order. What’s more, you can make use of different colours and styles of slate chippings and really give some dimension to your garden. 

4. Complement Your Water Feature

Who doesn’t love a good water feature to bring their garden to life?

Now imagine this, a water feature with enhancing features such as slate chippings. Slate chippings change colour in water, giving you the ability to play around with the dimensionality of the chippings. Plus, they are fish friendly. So even if you want to use it as a bedrock, we assure you it will be a beautiful background to your koi. 

If you don’t want to use slate chippings in your pond or water feature, you can lay them around it. This is a great way to make your water feature stand out and separate it from your lawn or other garden areas. 

5. Create A Modern Fire Pit Area

Slate chippings are fireproof, and might just add the last bit to the fire-pit puzzle, to give it that ‘wow’ feeling. 

Not only do slate chippings serve a functional and safe role when used with your fire pit, but guests will walk away complimenting your modernity. You can use the slate chippings within the actual fire pit or surrounding it, as a sort of path around the fire pit. 

This will give your fire pit a more complete feel, while also keeping the area looking clean and tidy. Slate chippings are an absolute win when creating your fire pit. 

6. Place Slate Chippings Between Paving

Placing your slate chippings between the different pavers in your yard can look quite stunning. 

Simply place the slate chippings in the gaps between large paver stones and choose a colour of slate chippings that enhances your outdoor area. Grey undertone slates will enhance the modern, urban-looking homes, whereas your purple or green slate chippings will add dimensionality to your traditional pavings. 

Not only will this look beautiful, but it will help prevent weeds from growing between your pavers. 

7. Top Off Your Flower Pots

We’ve already discovered the power of slate chippings in keeping weeds at bay and enhancing the quality of the soil. So why not add this decorative element to your flower pots? Slate chippings will round off your pots and enhance the beauty of your plants.

Plus, you can water them less as the chippings help maintain moisture in the soil. So not only will you walk away feeling happy and satisfied, but so will your plants.

8. Create A Rockery

If you love a rustic, natural look, consider creating a rockery somewhere in your garden. This is a great way to cover up a part of your lawn that isn’t growing well or an empty flowerbed. 

You can mix big rockery stones with some plants (succulents look great with rocks) and then lay slate chippings all around these bigger features. 

Slate chippings are an ideal resource when it comes to building a rockery. They are cost-effective, and you can choose a shade that fits in with your home and garden. Moreover, they give your garden and rockery depth and character. 


If you are ready to bring some character and life to your garden, look no further than slate chippings. They are cost-effective, low maintenance and are guaranteed to bring depth and beauty to your garden. 

Whether you want to use it in the design layout of your garden or in small areas to enhance the beauty of it, you can’t go wrong. 

Plus, slate chippings bring a lot of benefits to maintaining your garden, and keeping it healthy and hydrated. It’s not just a pretty face. After incorporating some slate chippings, you’ll have yourself a beautiful, healthy outdoor space!

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