White Cobbles 60-100mm

SKU Code: SWC50

White Cobbles 60-100mm

SKU Code: SWC50



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Clean and bold smooth white cobbles add a bold, sleek look to any setting. Buff when dry, sparkles when wet! Create depth and balance to any landscape, ideal for many garden and water projects.

  • Average Size: 60-100mm
  • Colour: White
  • Shape: Rounded

Approx Bag Weight:

  • Single Bags – 20kg
  • 25 x 20kg Single Bag(s) – 500kg
  • 50 x 20kg Single Bag(s) – 1 Ton
  • Bulk Bags – 850kg

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Features of White Cobbles 60-100mm include:

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Main Benefits of White Cobbles 60-100mm:

  • Ideal for beds, boarders & many landscaping projects
  • Suppresses weeds, improves drainage & Low maintenance
  • Instant, easy garden transformation

How to make the most out of our White Cobbles

  1. Use these decorative cobbles to create charming and sturdy garden pathways, adding a rustic appeal to your outdoor space.
  2. Enhance your driveway’s appearance by outlining it with cobbles, providing a neat and attractive edge.
  3. Use them as a natural border around flower beds or vegetable patches, separating them from the lawn or other garden elements.
  4. Incorporate them into your patio design as accent pieces, adding visual interest and texture to the overall layout.
  5. Enhance the look of ponds, fountains, or streams by surrounding them with our cobbles for a more natural and harmonious appearance.
  6. Construct a stylish and functional fire pit area using those cobbles as the base, providing both stability and visual appeal.
  7. Arrange the cobbles in artistic patterns or mosaic designs, creating unique focal points and conversation pieces in your outdoor space.
  8. Place the cobbles at intervals in your lawn or gravel area, creating a series of stepping stones for an informal walkway.
  9. Use them to encircle trees, providing a protective barrier and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your garden’s natural features.
  10. Utilise the cobbles to build retaining walls or borders on slopes, preventing soil erosion and adding an element of structure to your landscape

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